Kitset Motion Grafix. Motion graphics, animation and post production in the heart of Melbourne, Australia.


Tassie in every tub


Along with the motion graphic endframe, Kitset also did the compositing and online work for this refreshing TVC.


Agency:    Cummins&Partners

Production: Guilty

Director:     Corrie Jones

Comp/anim: Stafford Wilson





Looping animations


A composited  bunch of looping animations done for Telstra


Animators: Stafford Wilson


Agency:      Loud Clear





Choose, Contact, Connect


A segment within a large motion project. Was asked to explore the typography and create something energetic and fun to view.


Agency: CHE





Check in EDM package


Some cute animations that

are designed to play in sequence depending on live data in recipients email.


Animators: Stafford Wilson

                 Ted Adair

Agency:      CHE proximity







Created at Pixel Kitchen.

Kitset was responsible for the compositing of the TVCs


3D:         Alex Whillance &

              Ben Weller

Director: John Gavin





Debt Consolidation


15 Sec pre roll.  Using 2D

and 3D techniques to create a simple but dimensional treatment.


Agency: CHE





Tiny Things Landing


45 Sec cinema & inflight Qantas.  Using Willard Wigans miniature work and creating 3D sculptures and camera moves.


Agency: Whybin




Melbourne Fashion

& Racing


Created at activemotion.

Given raw racing footage and given the challenge of creating a enticing journey of colour and dimension


Agency: Helsinki





Offroad Runner Sale


Created at activemotion.  Using traditional animation techniques based on the road runner and coyote, plus a lick of 3D.






Direct Deals



vCreated at Pixel Kitchen.

Kitset was hired to do the motion graphics animation and compositing of 3D.


3D:             Alex Whillance

Director:     John Gavin






Creating Healthy Workplaces, 'Alcohol'


Created at Compulsive.

A series of infographics explaining the effects of alcohol in the workplace


Production:  Compulsive





One Mobile


A short TVC for one mobile


Production:     SceneOn






Taking a existing edit and applying fast energetic transitions and additional editing.


Agency: Sapient Nitro




Don't tell the Bride



Opener for TV show




Visual Playground