Kitset Motion Grafix. Motion graphics, animation and post production in the heart of Melbourne, Australia.


Debt Consolidation


15 Sec pre roll.  Using 2D

and 3D techniques to create a simple but dimensional treatment.


Agency: CHE





GTR Bullet


Taking the GTR to the max

limits on salt flats would be extreme.. but it wasn't enough. . will it beat a bullet in a high speed duel.


Agency: Whybin/TBWA





Tiny Things Landing


45 Sec cinema & inflight Qantas.  Using Willard Wigans miniature work and creating 3D sculptures and camera moves.


Agency: Whybin





Hunter & the wolves

Thank you card


A quick 3D thank you animation to celebrate my

son Hunter being 6 months, joining the Wolves





Ice Coffee


The idea was to create a nice bold camera move to lock up to show the latest Dare ice coffee bottle.


Agency: AJF





War Room


Kitset got the opportunity to create the war room for a series of fox footy TVCs. Using Cinema 4D, Boujou, Divinci Resolve and after effects for compositing


Agency:  CHE




Herald Weekly Times

Trivial Pursuit


A fun spot using trivial pursuit to tell the story


Production : activemotion &


Agency:        AJF







Following Pat through various 4WD adventures.  Tracking natural 3D typography into the scenes


Production:    activemotion

Agency:          Whybin




Merry Xmas Card



A Christmas card created while at activemotion





Taking the viewer into the world of country living.


Production : activemotion &


Agency:        AJF





Ecopia Tyres


3D tyre created for a series of bridgestone TVCs for NZ


Production:  2 1/2 D