Kitset Grafix is your one stop shop for all areas of post production


These days motion graphics covers a vast range of skills, and Kitset can deliver on any task from a basic edit and grade, through to a fully animated motion graphic commercial.

Stafford Wilson, director of Kitset Grafix,  has over 10 years of professional experience and expertise in design and post production.


We are situated in the heart of Fitzroy, which means good food, coffee, beer and of course a multitude of happy hipsters to be amused by.


At the heart of the company is a driven need to deliver excellence. We have specialist skills in digital effects, character animation, motion graphics, information graphics,  matte painting, compositing, and love a good challenge, so bring it on!


Kitset has a full array of compositing, animation, editing, grading and 3D tools available, ready to meet your production needs.